That’s right! We are heading to Comic-Con International: San Diego this year to bring the latest and greatest movie news to you, our fans! But to do that, we’ll need a little bit of help. The Gofobo team knows there’s a lot to cover at Comic-Con, with so much to take in, it’s a wonder anyone doesn’t go crazy and spinning in circles on the main floor (don’t be ashamed, we’ve all done the circles of trying to decide what to do). So, instead of making it a mad rush to cover everything, we want to know what you want to see. For example, are you really excited about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and your itching to learn any type of news about the film you can? Then tell us in the comments below and if enough of you voice an opinion about that movie, we’ll go and cover the panel and whatever else we can find at the convention about said movie.

Our goal is to bring you the news that you, our fans and members, want to see. Whether it’s news from panels or pictures of your favorite actor/actress, our goal is to bring you the news that you want to see. Gofobo will be utilizing it’s social media accounts and the blog to bring you up to date, at the moment news from ground zero at Comic Con. Including times and schedules for Facebook Live, where we will walk you along to floor, so that you at home can experience Comic Con, without the Comic Con crowd.  As the convention gets closer, we’ll be releasing a blog article with a schedule and announcing  what we will be covering and bringing you during the week of Comic Con.

So get excited folks, because Comic-Con is fast approaching and we want to hear from you! As our fans, we want to give you a reason to keep coming back to the Gofobo Blog, so please let us know what you want to see from Comic-Con International: San Diego, that way we can bring you what you actually want to see from the convention, rather than everything else.