Get happy! Because the Dreamworks Animation panel held lots of goodies for you to get excited about! The time slot included a few cast members from the upcoming animated film Trolls and then the surprise group came out, for the upcoming film The Boss Baby. The panel was a fun filled experience, with multiple clips for fans that were in Hall H to enjoy and get a feel for the upcoming films. With Chris Hardwick moderating, the light hearted feel that was meant to be felt with the happy Trolls movie was felt through the entire panel. His quick wit humor made it seem like it went by way too fast.

For Trolls, Directors Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn first took the stage and introduced the film. They gave some background information on the fact that they came to work together once again after working on the Shrek series. Then to kick off the panel, they showed the hall 20 minutes of film footage that gave everyone a look at what to expect when they finally get to see Trolls in November. When they came back out onto the stage, they were joined by cast members Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake.


The panel was exciting and a lot of fun, as they spoke about the film and how it really did just make them feel a little happier. Why do I keep bringing up being happy? Because the trolls, well all except Branch, who is voiced by Justin Timberlake, are happy. They are so happy in fact that every hour, on the hour, a flour blooms on their wrist and they give hugs.

The next clip they showed was of Poppy, the Queen of the Trolls and voiced by Anna Kendrick, singing “The Sound of Silence” to Branch. It’s quite hilarious. See it below:

The next group to take the stage was a bit of a surprise. Tom McGrath and Alec Baldwin took the stage representing The Boss Baby, a hilarious animated film about the experience of a young boy whose parents have a second child, but that baby can talk and is a lot smarter than he should be. Alec Baldwin plays the baby and the footage shown makes for a great film to be had.

Keep watching for more from Hall H and Comic Con!

Photo Credit: Dreamworks Animation