Will you be attending San Diego Comic Con International on Saturday or Sunday? Then look no further for the list of panels that will be held in Hall H and Ballroom 20 for those two days. To say it simply, Saturday may be the biggest Hall H day of the week, with the two-hour long Warner Bros. Pictures block that will include panels for Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them and Suicide Squad and many more anticipated films in the next year. But let’s give you a complete list so you know what time the panels are and can best plan your strategy to get into either Hall H or Ballroom 20, whichever you wish to attend more.


The list for Saturday’s Hall H schedule is below:

  • Warner Bros. Pictures
    • Begins at 11:30am. Will include cast members from the following films: Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, The LEGO Batman Movie, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Kong: Skull Island, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
  • Star Trek
    • Begins at 2pm. With the 50th anniversary of Star Trek fast approaching in September, what better place to celebrate than Comic Con? With an all star panel full of some of your favorite cast members, this will be the panel for all you Trekkies!
  • Aliens 30th Anniversary
    • Begins at 3:15pm. Join James Cameron, Gale Ann Hurd, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton, Michael Biehn and Paul Reiser for an anniversary look back at Aliens the space horror film that scared us all.
  • Entertainment Weekly: Women Who Kick Ass
    • Begins at 4:30pm. Join some of the toughest woman on television right now as they discuss how they are redefining the female character and are no longer damsels but the rescuers riding in on their white horses.
  • Marvel Studios
    • Begins at 5:30pm. Any panel that has Marvel Studios preside and producer Kevin Feige and states “special guests provide an inside look at the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe” is worth getting excited about! Who do you think will join him on stage?
  • Kevin Smith
    • Begins at 7pm. Welcome Kevin Smith back to Comic Con once again for his usual Hall H talk.

The list goes on for Saturday as we look to Ballroom 20, which will be just as exciting at Hall H. The list of Saturday’s Ballroom 20 panels is below:

  • Once Upon a Time
    • Begins at 10am. The Evil Queen is back and bringing a gaggle of new villains from the Land of Untold Stories. See the cast as they discuss the development of various characters in the show and catch a sneak peak of the upcoming season.
  • The Vampire Diaries
    • Begins at 11am. The cast returns for their 8th appearance at Comic Con! Don’t miss this appearance as The Vampire Diaries returns this fall on Fridays!
  • The Simpsons
    • Begins at 12pm.
  • Family Guy
    • Begins at 1pm.
  • American Dad
    • Begins at 1:45pm.
  • Grimm Season 6
    • Begins at 3:30pm.
  • Supergirl Special Video Presentation and Q&A
    • Begins at 3:30pm. It’s a day of super heroes in Ballroom 20! See the cast of the girl power television show that finally brought a woman into the fold of super heroes on television!
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Special Video Presentation and Q&A
    • Begins at 4:15pm. Join the cast as they discuss last season and the upcoming season coming in the fall.
  • The Flash Special Video Presentation and Q&A
    • Begins at 5pm. The last season ended with a bang! Join the cast as they go over last season and prepare you for the upcoming season!
  • Arrow Special Video Presentation and Q&A
    • Begins at 5:45pm. With the hit super hero television show set to return this fall, hear from the cast about the past season and the upcoming season. Then see an exclusive clip!
  • Comic Con International Masquerade
    • Begins at 8:30pm. The annual masquerade at Comic Con will commence on Saturday night! Will you be in attendance?

Sadly, that’s the end of Ballroom 20 for the weekend. There is no schedule for Ballroom 20 on Sunday. There is a schedule for Hall H on Sunday though, full of the usual suspects. The Sunday Hall H schedule is as follows:

  • Sherlock
    • Begins at 10am.
  • Supernatural Special Video Presentation and Q&A
    • Begins at 11:15am.
  • FOX’s Action Showcase: Prison Break and 24: Legacy
    • Begins at 12:30pm.
  • Re-Imagining Reality: Bringing Games into the Real World with Ingress and Pokemon GO
    • Begins at 1:45pm.

What panels will you be seeing on Saturday and Sunday? Share with us below!