Vikings are invading San Diego Comic Con 2016 and this year it could get poisonous. History channel will be bringing their hit show “Vikings” to the SDCC floor with an experience that is sure to have fans shrieking as they face the Vipers Den, while 75 lucky fans will get the chance to meet the cast and get their autographs during a cast signing. Not only will there be these exciting activities for the fans, but there will also be an exclusive first look at the upcoming season in the first trailer for the season. But to get you excited, here is a sneak peak of the trailer:

If that got you “Vikings” fans excited, just wait until you hear more about the dreaded Vipers Den. Yes, there were many ways to die during the Viking era, from sickness to the tip of a sword, you could just imagine every possible way to die during the battle riddled time. And yet, one of the most brutal and sinister ways to die in the time was being thrown into a snake pit. To recreate the torture that vikings would have had to face, History has created their own Vipers Den on the SDCC floor. Here, fans will face the fear of being surrounded by snakes, real snakes, in a dark place with no escape in sight.


With video cameras watching, fans will have their screams and thrills available to share as gifs and receive a “Vikings” viper cuff for surviving the Vipers Den. Their triumph over death will be the highlight of their day surely as they wonder what prompted them to go into that dark place, with so many snakes.

Comic Con attendees will also have the chance to get a limited edition “Vikings” comic book and a “Vikings” drinking horn that can only be found exclusively at SDCC.

Are you ready for the “Vikings” excitement? Mark this as something to do on your comic con schedule at booth #4215. Will you be facing the Vipers Den?

Photo Credit: History Channel