With San Diego Comic Con International come some pretty fun videos for fans to enjoy. One of those such videos was made by Nerdist and has us humming along and ready to head to the convention center. Filmed last year, Comic Con: The Musical takes a look at a day at Comic Con, from a comedic, fan perspective. The comedic musical number takes it’s tune from the classic Beauty and the Beast song “Belle”, but it works perfectly for what they are trying to say about Comic Con.


Of course, we nerds love the Con, but there are always struggles every year, from carrying all the swag around all day to standing in lines (endlessly). But the fun video gives all the bad about Comic Con a lighthearted feel and reminds us why we go back year after year, because we love it and we can’t get enough of Comic Con and movies and television shows!

You won’t want to miss this amazing video and you’ll definitely be humming along as you head to Comic Con this weekend!

See the video below.

Photo Credit: Nerdist/Facebook