In just over a week during the 2016 MTV Movie Awards Captain America himself, Chris Evans, will be a guest to unveil some exciting new footage for the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War. According to MTV, the clip will reveal the reason behind the Cap and Bucky vs. Iron Man fight. It might also have more Ant Man and Spider Man scenes featured in the clip. We just personally want some more Black Panther footage, that way we can get excited for the characters live action film debut in the Marvel Universe.

With questions of whether or not the Hulk will be joining the cast, which has neither been confirmed or denied at this time, we just want to know all we can about the film that will be hitting theaters on May 6. It seems so far away and yet in truth it’s just around the corner. The 2016 MTV Movie Awards will be airing on April 10 at 8 pm and you won’t want to miss seeing this clip of Captain America: Civil War. We sure are excited about it. See the clip below and share with us how excited you are to see more footage from the film in the comments!

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios/Marvel Entertainment