Having good friends in life to laugh with is a must, but when you have Josh Gad as a friend it reaches a whole new level. For the past few months we’ve seen Josh Gad get more and more excited about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, like so many of us fans are getting excited. We’ve seen him invite Daisy Ridley to his trailer to question her about the movie and what happens and why it’s called The Last Jedi, but this time, he got a bunch of his friends involved in the fun and poor Daisy had to take it like a champ. The greatest part about it, is the questions asked aren’t even really pressing questions about the upcoming film. They are silly questions meant for a good laugh and to get Daisy smiling, even though it’s clear she doesn’t really want to.

There to ask questions are Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Colin Trevorrow, Penelope Cruz, and finally J.J. Abrams are some of the faces you’ll see in the hilarious video. Among questions like, “How many musical numbers are there in the film?” are comments from Chris Pratt about the Marvel universe and the upcoming sequel Jurassic World 2. It’s almost like he’s self advertising here. Then Bryce Dallas Howard asks the question we were all asking during Jurassic World, about heels and how practical (or impractical) they are on a movie set. But finally, the best question of them all comes from J.J. Abrams. He’s the one who is able to get a small smile out of Daisy as he asks his question earnestly, “Does Luke finally get to say any lines in Episode 8?”.

You’ll have to watch the video for yourself, but try not to laugh at the antics of Josh Gad and his famous friends.