Star Wars fans (scratch that, all movie fans) have reason to be excited for 2020, especially if you live near or around Los Angeles. George Lucas, the mastermind behind the very popular Star Wars series, has chosen L.A. as the home for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. The museum is set to feature pieces from the Lucas’ personal collection, including memorabilia from Star Wars and other classic films. It will also include vintage photographs and an impressive collection of traditional paintings.

“After extensive due diligence and deliberation, the Board of Directors of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is pleased to announce plans to build the museum in Exposition Park in Los Angeles,” the museum’s board of directors said Tuesday in a statement. Exposition Park, if you are unaware, sits adjacent to the Coliseum and across from Lucas’s alma mater, University of Southern California.

The museum won’t be here anytime soon though; it will be opened on May the fourth 2020. That means a three year wait for movie fans who would be willing to go and enjoy memorabilia from all movies, because as Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti stated: “this is not a Star Wars museum. This is a collection of narrative art in a city that has the best storytellers and story makers in the world. The best collection of Norman Rockwell paintings on Earth.”

Share your thoughts with us about whether you would enjoy going to the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in three years when it opens.

Photo Credit: Ma Yansong Art Rendering