Marvel has done it once again! Captain America: Civil War released on May 6th in the United States, a week after it was released in the United Kingdom. The film got amazing praise in the United Kingdom and to say that it doesn’t deserve that praise would be a huge lie. Starring Chris Evans as the titular role and Robert Downey Jr. as his rival Iron Man the two face off in this epic show down that has been long awaiting. With Joe Russo and Anthony Russo directing and leading the charge on the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

When the political leaders around the world want to put a leash on the Avengers program, it divides our heroes and causes some huge riffs with the team. Steve Rodgers, the esteemed Captain, wants to keep the power of the Avengers in house, and doesn’t want to give a group of men and woman with their own agenda’s power over him and any others like him, where as Tony wants to give the politicians the power thinking that a fail safe will do the Avengers some good. Of course, the various team members choose sides and then the fight begins.

The film carries the typical feel of a Marvel movie, but with such a long story line that has been carried on through so many films, you’d think that it wouldn’t still be good. That it would get boring like a television show that runs for far too long. But instead of the story feeling stale or boring, the film is full of action and keeps your attention the entire time. You never have a moment that feels boring during the film, rather the action and the slower moments are spaced out perfectly to keep you interested in the film for the entire two and a half hours. The film also was successful in adding two new characters into the fold of the MCU with Black Panther and Spider Man joining the team. Instead of their story lines feeling rushed, the film tells us just what we need to know to have them added into the fold of super heroes, since they each will get their own stand alone films in the next couple of years.

The film is an adventurous, fun ride that Marvel fans won’t want to miss. You’ll want to see the film over and over again to enjoy the action and the reality that our favorite team of heroes isn’t as perfect as we’d like them to be. Check out the trailer for the film tomorrow and get ready for a fun film that is sure to rock the box office it’s opening weekend.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios