Rumors for the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War are finally being answered with the newest trailer from the film. Fans are being told to choose a side, either you are on Team Captain America or your on Team Iron Man and in this trailer we definitely get the feel of the title of the film, this is definitely going to be an action packed film full of violence and fighting, but not between the good and the bad guys, the fighting will be between our favorite team of super heroes.

With new shots that fans have yet to see, and tons of new posters promoting each team, the newest trailer for the film definitely promises for a fun time and a great action movie, but many are wondering: is something bad going to come from this film? We won’t know that until we actually get to see it, but in the meantime we did get one awesome surprise with the new trailer. There’s been speculation that a certain spider-bitten super hero was going to join the ranks of the Avengers, and we finally have that proof. It looks like Spider Man will be taking Iron Man’s side of the whole battle.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what team your on in the comments!

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios/Marvel Entertainment