With talks of a Deadpool sequel in the works, it’s been wondered how the film got started and what was the first push to get the film a green light. Well, at this point, it’s clear that one of four of the men who worked on the test footage released it. Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool, admitted that “I know that one of us did it. There’s four of us: me, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Tim Miller. We all said at the beginning that someone should leak it, so the idea was planted”.

Reynolds himself states that he’s “70 percent sure it wasn’t me”. But, come on, it’s the sarcastic man behind the mask and quite frankly we wouldn’t be surprised. Are we upset at that factor? Heck no! This has to be the best news we’ve heard so far, but what’s even better than the possibility that Reynolds actually leaked the footage himself? The idea that Reynolds could appear on Saturday Night Live, as the Merc with a Mouth.

A petition has been started, and that petition has 50k signatures. So it could be a realistic possibility that Deadpool could be seen on SNL and that will be an episode that you won’t want to miss. With the humor that we saw in the actual film, just imagine the humor we would see in an episode of one of TV’s funniest shows.

But, the news of Deadpool doesn’t stop there. The rumors of a sequel for Deadpool would be a Deadpool vs Gambit series. With a Gambit film set to be released in 2017 with Channing Tatum as the star. Just imagine the film with both of these heroes fighting against each other, will it be similar to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? We only have to wait and see what will happen in the future.

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Photo Credit: Fox Entertainment/Marvel Entertainment