There might be a remake coming of the film Splash. The film would star Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell, while the remake is set to be written by Maria Lewis-Ryan. This film, which originally was released in 1984 and starred Tom Hanks as the man who falls in love with a mermaid who rescued him from drowning as a boy. In this newest version of the film it will be reversed and will not show a mermaid saving a boy from drowning and then falling in love with the man he becomes, but rather a merman (Tatum) who saves a girl (Bell) from drowning and then falls in love with her years later.

The romantic comedy was a hit in the 1980’s and might be just as much of a hit when it is made. The entire process is in the works at this moment, but we’re hoping to see more from this project as time passes. It will definitely be an exciting moment for all those who grew up watching the magical live-action mermaid romance.

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Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures