Disney has some competition with the release of the French Film La Belle et la Bete, or Beauty and the Beast, which will finally get a US release in September. The film takes the classic Beauty and the Beast tale and transforms it into something more, something that will take your breath away. If you’re a fan of the story, then you’ll be a fan of this visually stunning film. Directed by Christophe Gans, the film stars Vincent Cassel, Léa Seydoux and André Dussollier.

In this modern rendition of the classic film, Belle’s father, a merchant, losing everything when his ships go down in a storm. This causes his family to live in a small cottage. When he goes on a journey and finds himself at a beautiful castle, he makes the mistake of picking a rose. That rose means his death in the beast that rules the castle’s eyes. Thus, he has one day to go and visit his family before he must return to the beast. But for the sake of her father and family, Belle goes in his place to live with the Beast. So begins the classic love story that we all know well. There are no talking teacups or clocks in this version, rather a Forest God who has cursed a King and a young woman who could break that curse and save him.


Just by seeing the trailer Léa Seydoux as Belle is enchanting and add in Vincent Cassel as the Beast and it just feels right. Many fans are saying that it’s about time that La Belle et la Bete is coming to the US, after it’s applauded European release in 2014.

Will you be seeing this newest rendition of Beauty and the Beast? See the new trailer below.

Photo Credit: Pathe