There have been some big surprises and awesome panels in the past couple of years, but one of our favorite moments happened in 2013, when Loki, a.k.a. Tom Hiddleston, took over Hall H and found an army for himself. The panel was meant to be for Thor:Dark World, the next Marvel film to come out at the time and one that fans were most definitely excited for, but mid-sentence of introducing the panel Loki takes over and the crowd goes wild.

It definitely is one of our favorite moments, as Hiddleston, completely in character, riles up the crowd and gets them ready for the clip they are about to see of the film that’s never been seen before. Of course, now looking back, we’ve seen the film and know the fate of Loki and of Thor. But the amount of fun you can clearly see the Hiddleston is having portraying Loki in front of an audience that clearly loves him, still makes us giddy and excited for surprises that could face us in this years Comic Con event.


To relive the moment, watch the video below and share with us your favorite San Diego Comic Con moment from the past!

Photo Credit: San Diego Comic Con International