When it comes to the film Victoria, it’s an experience more than it is a film. Shot in one take, Victoria is the story of a young woman who joins a group of men in Berlin to rob a bank. You as the viewer are thrown into the mix and get ready to hold on tight because you have very little time to catch up with what is going on. You just have to watch in anticipation as the entire bank robbery unfolds in front of you. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a bank robbery, this is it. The film stars Laia Costa as Victoria herself, and her performance is absolutely amazing!

The film was directed by Sebastian Schipper who stated in a recent interview with Gofobo that he wanted the film to be an experience. He did not want it to be just another movie you go see and is cleanly cut and seems over the top.

“At the beginning of this project it wasn’t about having a comfortable shoot, but to really give everything we were able to give and to provoke,” the audience. The goal with the film was to trigger the emotions and have the audience step out of their comfort zone. That idea of comfort is also seen in the film with the character of Victoria, who has been thrust from her “comfort zone” into the real world and chooses to go with a group of men she’s just met to rob a bank.

The filming process was very difficult for Schipper because he had to step out of his own comfort zone to do the project. The only script the film had was about 12 pages long and the rest of the project was shot in improve. When it comes to improve, the control is taken away from Schipper slightly and he must act fast on his feet to succeed in creating the film.

It would be silly to say he did not succeed, as the film is now released in a limited number of theaters around the country. With the success of a film such as Victoria, it wouldn’t be a huge shocker if more come after it.

Check out the trailer below and make sure to experience Victoria for yourself.

Photo Credit: Adopt Films