In the animated short, The Present, by Jacob Frey, a young boy receives a present from his mother. That present happens to be a puppy, but not just any puppy, a special kind of puppy. This pup only has three legs, he’s missing one of his front legs, but that doesn’t slow him down. It brings the boy out of his shell and helps him realize, that you can be happy the way you are, even if you aren’t “perfect”.

Based on a comic strip titled “Perfection” by Fabio Coala, this animated short is sure to bring tears to your eyes and make you realize that even if you are missing a leg, you can be perfect and happy, just like this cute, sweet, little puppy. A lesson for many out there, this short is getting lots of attention, and we can’t help but give it even more.

Check out the video below and be prepared to cry just a little.

Photo Credit: Jacob Frey/Vimeo