A compelling story of revenge, The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio is a must see film of the winter season. The film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, while also starring Tom Hardy and Will Poulter. The films screenplay was penned by Mark L. Smith and Alejandro González Iñárritu , while the inspiration for the film was the novel written by Michael Punke by the same name. The entire story is based off true events (so they say), but whether it’s based on true events or not, it’s still a compelling tale and entertaining film to say the least.

After being mauled by a bear on a fur trading expedition and being left for dead by comrades in the 1820s Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) fights to survive so he can seek revenge on the man who killed his son. That man is none other than John Fitzgerald (Hardy), a traveling companion, who turns out to be the man who killed his son and left Glass to die.

With not a lot of dialogue in the film, you would think that you would get bored and the film would be slow, but the film keeps you entertained and keeps your attention through the entire thing. Never is there a moment when you think, “Oh this movie is dragging.” This is a must see film that you will enjoy and deserves much recognition for the brilliant filmmaking. From beautiful landscapes to a captivating score, this film is one that will keep you guessing and keep you entertained.

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