With the 88th Academy Awards this Sunday, the list of movies coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD isn’t too shocking. The list includes Oscar nominated film Spotlight and Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, along with Secret in Their Eyes and My All American. It’s definitely a bigger selection from last week, but there are also a few good films coming to Redbox this week as well, which gives you the opportunity to watch a few good films this weekend with the family. The Good Dinosaur is going straight to Redbox the day it comes out, with Extraction, Rock the Kasbah, and Diablo sharing the day of release for the modern day Blockbuster.

The Good Dinosaur is from Disney-Pixar and asks what the world would look like if the asteroid hadn’t killed the dinosaurs. The story follows young Arlo who was born millions of years after the asteroid passed Earth. His parents are farmers and he’s the runt of the family. When he finds himself lost after a rain storm, Arlo must find his way home with the help of a caveboy named Spot and the help of other dinosaurs along the way. It’s a beautifully thought out tale of friendship and family. Check out the trailer below:

The next film to be released this week is an Oscar nominated film, Spotlight. Spotlight is up as a nominee for Best Picutre, along with a few nods including Actor in a Supporting Role, Actress in a Supporting Role, Directing, Film Editing, and Writing (Original Screenplay). The film is based off a true story, following the journalists who from the Boston Globe as they uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Achdiocese. A gripping film, critics and audiences have had nothing but good news to say about this film. You can catch the trailer below:

Secret in Their Eyes and My All American are also being released on DVD and Blu-Ray. One a feel good, athletic film in the spirit of Remember the Titans and the other is a crime drama about the FBI and the cover-up of an agent’s daughter. Both highly entertaining stories that are sure to capture your families eye. To buy any of these films, head over to Amazon for some of the best deals!

Then a reminder of the films coming to Redbox. Along with The Good Dinosaur, the films Extraction, Rock the Kasbah, and Diablo starring Scott Eastwood.

Which of these films are you going to watch this week?

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios/Pixar