Fans have been waiting rather impatiently for the first trailer of Assassin’s Creed to arrive and it finally has. Starring Michael Fassbender and Jeremy Irons, the trailer promises everything we love from the video games wrapped into an film that looks visually stunning. The film, directed by Justin Kurzel, also stars Marion Cotillard and Ariane Labed. Based off of the hit video game series of the same name, Assassin’s Creed will transport us back to the Spanish Inquisition through the memories of Callum Lynch (Fassbender).

The trailer itself gives fans a live action look at what we’ve all played before in the games. Since this film will take us to the Spanish Inquisition (excellent choice we might add), we will be seeing Fassbender as Aguilar, a Master Assassin who happens to be Lynch’s ancestor. During his time going back and reliving his ancestor’s memories, Lynch uncovers secrets about himself and the company that has taken him captive, as he discovers his true potential.

Albeit the trailer music is a poor choice; the rest of the trailer is amazing. The parkour, the action, the war all matches with what we would normally see in the video game franchise. What is most satisfying about it all, is that it doesn’t look fake. It doesn’t look overly CGI. It looks real. The worry always with movies adapted from video games, is that it will look cheesy. Or the story line isn’t very strong and doesn’t hold up to the story telling we see in the game. From the looks of it though, Assassin’s Creed will break that tradition and create a stunning video game adaptation. We can only wait and see what is to come in the future and sadly, we won’t see anything at Comic Con this summer.

What did you think of the trailer? What was your favorite part?

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox