The training for a film looks rigorous and hard, but Daisy Ridley makes it look like a lot of fun. All it took was one simple video to be posted to her Facebook page for Star Wars Episode VIII excitement to commence once again. The video is of Daisy training and practicing her Jedi skills with a lightsaber, which is cool by itself. But the person training her is none other than Lian Yang. If you are unfamiliar with who Yang is, you might recognize him by another name or even just by one word he said in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, “Traitor.”

Yes. Lian Yang is FN-2199 the awesome Stormtrooper who fought Finn at the battle at Maz Kanata’s. The video itself though, is full of fun and laughs as Daisy performs a maneuver and then Yang, who is video taping the stunt, falls over and is laughing. It gives a new feel to the Star Wars family and how they really bond as they prepare for the films and make the films together. Makes you really want to go and join them and just goof off right?

Don’t miss the awesome video below and  get ready for Rogue One in December.

Photo Credit: Daisy Ridley/Facebook