This week’s new movies on DVD and on Redbox are fun and exciting. With action, horror, drama and family films all now available for you to rent, there’s no shortage of reasons to be excited about this week’s new films to take home. Let’s begin our list with this week’s films that are now available for you to take home for you and everyone else to enjoy.

In The Heart of the Sea

Starring Chris Hemsworth, In the Heart of the Sea is based on the novel by the same name. The novel, by Nathaniel Philbrick, was written in 2000 and is a non-fiction novel about the sinking of the American whaling ship Essex in 1820. The event is said to have inspired the novel “Moby Dick” years later. Ron Howard directed and produced the film that didn’t do so well in the box office, so here is your chance to see it at home for maybe a little less than a ticket to the movie theater. You can purchase or rent the film on Amazon today! See the trailer below:

Victor Frankenstein

Everyone loves a new twist on an old tale, don’t they? Well, it seemed like that wasn’t so true when it came to Paul McGuigan’s Victor Frankenstein. The film starring Darneil Radcliffe and James McAvoy was told from Igor’s point of view and what “truly” happened and how the monster that they brought to life became a legend. The film received mostly negative reviews, which makes it so much more fun to actually watch at home rather than going to the theater to see it. Here’s your chance to watch it at home, by renting it from Amazon or buying it there as well. See the trailer below:

By The Sea

The film that was not only directed and starred Angelina Jolie Pitt, but also was written by Jolie Pitt as well. By the Sea is a romantic drama story about the relationship between a couple who has been married for 14 years. Who other to play her husband in the film is Brad Pitt, Jolie Pitt’s husband in real life (obviously). The film starts in a place of sadness and turmoil as it seems Vanessa (Jolie Pitt) and her husband Roland (Pitt) are trying to fix their marriage in a hotel on the sea coast, in a beautiful quiet bay. See the film on Amazon and the trailer below:

The Peanuts Movie

Receiving multiple nominations for being one of the best animated features of the year, this newest telling of the classic duo Charlie Brown and Snoopy in The Peanuts Movie did very well in the box office. The film commemorated the 65th anniversary of the comic strip that started it all and the 50th anniversary of the beloved TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas. The film was written by original creator Charles M. Schulz’s son and grandson, making a family affair, they even used archival recordings to bring Bill Melendez’s voice back to life as Snoopy. Get the movie on Amazon and see the trailer below:

While these movies are newly released, don’t forget the new films on Redbox to rent! If your old fashioned and still like to go and get your DVD or Blu-ray disc from somewhere (along with snacks and dinner for movie night) then here’s the Redbox releases for this week! Spectre, Black Mass, Crimson Peak and The 33 are all newly released on Redbox, giving you another chance to rent these movies to enjoy! You can also rent them on Amazon if your more inclined to order food in and do everything from the couch (like so many of us out there).

Enjoy your movie night this week!