The Maze Runner kept viewers guessing and on the edge of their seat the entire film, but where the first film of the series excelled, the second seems to have fallen a bit flat. With new, and much bigger, surroundings Thomas and the gang are faced with new challenges from a wide variety of individuals and even faced with a not so shocking betrayal by the end.

Let’s set the premise. Scorch Trials starts right where The Maze Runner left off. The kids are being transported somewhere, they just don’t know where. But when they get to this new facility, Thomas doesn’t quite buy into the whole, “we are trying to help you” act from Aiden Gillen’s (Game of Thrones) character, Janson, and plans his and the group’s escape. That escape leads them out into the Scorch, what once was a big city is now desolate and covered in sand. There they run into a variety of characters from the Cranks to refugees.

In all, the movie started with the same feel as Maze Runner, the constant questioning what is going on and the feel of the young, whom have built their own society, enter a social group, where their hierarchy no longer matters. But one plus to the film, is the underlying discussion of children and the repercussions from certain adult influences. In today’s society it’s well known that ┬ámany have taken a new look at raising their children and the school systems have changed, but for the better? That’s the real question being asked as you watch Scorch Trials, is what we do for, or to, our children to help them grow into “good individuals in society” really helping, or backfiring in our face?

The film was directed by Wes Ball, with T.S. Nowlin returning to pen the screenplay. Starring Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee and Kaya Scodelario once again, the film is a fun ride, especially for fans who are just wanting to see their favorite book being transferred to screen. But don’t expect the same reaction that you had from the first Maze Runner. We give the film a C+, because personally, I enjoyed the movie, and even if it wasn’t the best film to come out this past weekend, it was still a fun watch.