Are you one of the many obsessed with Pokémon Go? Then it won’t shock you to know that Legendary is working on developing a live action Pokémon film. Although, no specific details have been worked out or released, but the screen rights are being bolstered by the massive success from the popularity of Pokémon Go. It’s been twenty years since the first game debuted in Japan before making its way to America a year later.

It became increasingly popular over night, with nineteen Pokémon animated films to follow the success of the game. It didn’t end there, with cartoon shows and trading cards, the franchise blew up and became a staple for children that were growing up in the 90s. Now, with Pokémon Go’s release and huge popularity, it carries the franchise and brings it back to life for all the fans who have now grown up. It also brings Pokémon to a whole new generation to enjoy.

Are you excited to see a Pokémon film?

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company