Are you ready for action? Ready for car chases and cyber tech hacking? Then you’re ready to see Jason Bourne, the sequel to the highly acclaimed trilogy based around the story of a rogue CIA agent who is trying to discover memories that he can’t remember. Starring Matt Damon, the film does not lack for action and picks up after the last film, even giving a little bit of a recount of the first three films for those who might have forgotten, and doesn’t slow down during it’s entire 123 minute run time. The film is directed by Paul Greengrass, with Tommy Lee Jones returning to co-star in the film and Alicia Vikander joining the cast as a new young CIA cyber operative.

Fans of the series get ready, because this film is definitely for you. With homage to the original three films, we finally get to see what happened to Jason and see where he’s found himself after hiding from the CIA since we last saw him. We find him in Greece, where he’s fighting in illegal, underground fighting pits to make money and reliving a memory of his father’s death that haunts him everyday. But when a friend from the past brings him information about the CIA’s current evil doings, he’s drawn back into the fray as he has to face off with snipers, CIA operatives and the realization that his father’s death might not have just been a terrorist attack.


With insane stunts through the entire film, you won’t be disappointed by what you see and what you experience during Jason Bourne. Matt Damon comes back once again for a stoic performance as the titular character and fans just can’t help but continue to hate CIA Director Robert Dewey (Jones) as we learn the extensive web of lies that surrounds himself and has ties back to Jason. But there is hope, in a new CIA operative named Heather Lee (VIkander) who wants to help Jason through the entire film, and hopefully get him to come back into the fold of the CIA.

Will Jason return to the CIA? Or will he continue to live his life in hiding? You’ll have to wait to find out by going to the film this weekend! Get ready for a wild roller coaster ride and to be sucked back into the world of Jason Bourne.

Photo Credit: Universal Studios