Mashable Watercolor has released an awesome trailer with the idea that E.T. Extra Terrestrial as a 90s sitcom. After watching the trailer, we really want to watch this E.T. sitcom and we want to watch it now. The hilarious trailer, highlights some of our favorite scenes from the film while giving it a comedic and light hearted feel, similar to what many of us experienced growing up in the late 80s and 90s. The trailer mix is not the first we’ve seen from Mashable Watercolor, but it has to be one of our favorites thus far.

This week the trailer mix for E.T. wasn’t really a trailer, but more of the introduction to an episode of the sitcom that Mashable’s team had created in their heads. But the brilliance behind this intro is uncanny. Could you imagine watching a weekly show all about E.T. and Elliott and their adventures together? How Elliott would cope with school while having E.T. there full time year round? The chances for comedy and brilliance are enormous and we would definitely be hooked on this sitcom, if it were real.

Check out the sitcom trailer below, you won’t want to miss it.

Photo Credit: Universal Studios