With movies of social media, especially horror films like Unfriended, it’s no shock that more films are being released along the same line. Well there is one such film based on Snapchat that has been released, a short film to be exact. Wanting to shed light on the fact that technology dominates our lives and demonstrating how that technology can cause fear. The story they twist using the Snapchat app is one that gives you chills and makes you think twice about the popular picture app.

Created by the team Space Oddity Films is aware of what they are making people think when it comes to 3 Seconds. Starring Allison Raskin, a comedian, as a young woman who is repeatedly woken up during the middle of the night from various Snaps. Thinking it’s just a joke, she texts a friend to see with no response. It might be a short, but it’s scary how you feel when the horror sets in. With Alex J. Mann directing and writing the short, it’s one you won’t want to miss and you’ll start to wonder why you use your apps on your phone so much.

See the short below.

Photo Credit: Space Oddity Film/YouTube