When you love a movie, it impacts your life in a big way. Well for Oliver Turpin, it didn’t quite impact his life, but the life of his tortoise Louie. Turpin is clearly a huge fan of Jurassic Park, in truth who isn’t? It was the dinosaur movie that 90s kids grew up watching and wishing we could be paleontologists when we grew up. In Turpin’s case, he took his love for the classic dino flick and made something really cool that is quite unique and creative: a miniature Jurassic Park.

Before you question this, or watch the video, let’s do a little bit of background. Turpin has a Leopard Tortoise named Louie. To give Louie a more natural and outside place to hang out, Turpin built him an enclosure in the backyard. That enclosure has the Jurassic Park gates, fences, the visitor center and lots of fresh grass. To show off his creation, Turpin took a video of the tiny enclosure with the classic Jurassic Park music.

It’s a little silly, yes, but this is actually kind of cool. With a torn fence to replicate the T-Rex scene and a small pool for his tortoise to swim in and drink from, this is really a clever set up for his much loved pet. We can’t help but smile as we watch the video and see a mini-Jurassic Park and a happy tortoise.

Check out the video below and get ready to smile.

Photo Credit:  Oliver Turpin/YouTube Channel