Are you planning a weekend of watching movies and relaxing? Then we’ve got the perfect list for you to enjoy your weekend with a list of the newest movies out on Blu-Ray and DVD. Not only will be listing the newest films out for you to go and buy, but also a list of the films that are available for you to rent. What better way to see a movie you haven’t seen yet, than to watch it in the comfort of your own home?

The list of new films out on Blu-Ray and DVD isn’t very long, but some of them are good films and worth watching. The first of the list is The 33 starring Antonio Banderas, a film based on the disaster that took place on August 5, 2010 in Chile. When a copper and gold mine collapsed and trapped 33 men underground, there wasn’t much hope for the men as they remained trap for 69 days before being rescued. The film is available on Amazon.

The next film out on Blu-Ray and DVD is Black Mass starring Johnny Depp, another film based on a true story, this time about one of the most infamous violent criminal in South Boston history. Whitey Bulgar became an FBI informant to take down the mafia and Johnny Depp does well in the film. You can find this film on Amazon both on DVD and on Amazon Prime.

The last film to be released this week is Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender as the man himself. The film takes us on a journey of the mans life leading up to the unveiling of the iMac. The film was directed by Danny Boyle and is full of drama as we see the realities of the life of a man that so many looked up to in the digital world. This film is also available on Amazon.

The rest of this list consists of films available through Redbox, the best place to rent movies. This week The Intern, Straight Outta Compton, Our Brand is Crisis and Everest were added. Also available through other streaming services, such as Amazon Prime, these are some of the hit films from last year.

Which film will you be watching this weekend? Share with us in our comments!

Photo Credit: Alcon Entertainment