When you think of monster trucks, you think of big and loud trucks that roar in stadiums and race and do tricks. Never did we imagine that a monster truck, could be a truck with a monster in it. That’s exactly what the new film Monster Trucks brings to the big screen with charm and humor. Directed by Chris Wedge and starring Lucas Till and Jane Levy, the film is an action film reminiscent of the Transformers series, where a young kid finds himself with a car that has a secret and a very special ability and pension for eating oil, and as much of it as it can.

The result of an accident at a nearby oil-drilling site, the creature is displaced and finds itself with Tripp (Lucas Till), a high school senior who has a knack with cars and is trying to find any way to get out of his small town. When a strange creature finds itself in his junk yard he has a new friend who brings trouble in his wake. The trailer highlights many aspects of action and some good humor.


If your ready for a Transformer like film, then this is the film for you and it’s going to be released in the beginning of 2017, so you won’t have to wait very long for it to be released. With a January release date, Monster Trucks will be coming roaring to theater soon. Meanwhile, check out the trailer below.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures