As fans of the Star Wars series, we’ve all been wondering what new footage we were going to see when another trailer was released. Well, this trailer is everything we could have hoped for. With shots of all our heroes, or would be heroes, who will be stealing the plans from the dreaded Empire, it’s enough to get us bouncing in our seats and forcefully pressing the replay button on YouTube so we can watch the trailer again and again. The film is set to star Felicity Jones, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelson and martial artists Donnie Yen.

On that note, we are going to side track for just a second and talk about how awesome it is that he’s a blind and possibly force wielding fighter. In the trailer we get to see him kick some stormtrooper butt and it’s awesome! If you haven’t seen Donnie Yen in a film, then see him in the Ip Man series (it’s on Netflix).

But back to Rogue One, the best was saved for the last few seconds in the trailer, when we get a glimpse of Darth Vader. To have him back on screen is awesome. It’s our childhood’s coming back in our crazy adult world. This Star Wars film has our vote of confidence, at least for now. December can’t come fast enough for us to see this film. Will this be how Star Wars fans feel for the next couple of years? Like kids waiting for Christmas? If that’s the case, then so be it.

See the Rogue One trailer below and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios/Lucasfilm Inc.