It’s a very sad day for Star Wars fans as the loss of Kenny Baker has hit the news. Baker found his popularity in 1977 when he first got into the famous R2D2 costume for the first Star Wars film. Since he has been in every Star Wars film as the faithful little droid that we all grew to know and love through the years of watching those famous films. He was also known for his role in Time Bandit. Baker passed away on Saturday at the age of 81 years old, just short of his 82 birthday, leaving behind a magnificent legacy that we all can treasure.

Baker had been battling an illness when he passed, but it’s not about how you die, it’s about how you lived your life. Baker grew up in Birmingham in the U.K. and only ever grew to be 3 feet and 8 inches tall. Because of his height, he went into circus performing at the age of 16, which lead to his career in acting later in his life.

When the sad news was released Saturday morning, friend and colleague Mark Hamill posted to Twitter a small memorial for his friend who will dearly be missed.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm Inc.