The cutest Star Wars video has been released. Disney posted the video to their YouTube channel and we can’t get enough of the emoji filled video. In this day and age, emoji’s are used in text message conversations almost as much as actual words are used. So Disney took that idea and ran with it, creating an animated short, telling the story of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with emoji’s galore. The emoji that are used are cute and our biggest question is: Where can we get these emoji?

From the BB-8 and Millenium Falcon emoji that you see in the video, alongside all the character emoji, which include Finn, Han Solo and Rey the video is full of action, adventure and a fun story shortened in a way that anyone can enjoy, but becomes truly hilarious for the avid Apple users. The best part of the entire video, is the “Spoiler Alert” that covers what happens towards the end of the film, which is actually quite hilarious! And on top of that, they add in an Uber ride from Chewbacca as Rey’s way of traveling to see Luke.

This isn’t the only emoji filled video that Disney has done, but so far it’s our favorite! What do you think of the emoji adventure of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Watch it below.

Photo Credit: Disney/YouTube