It’s finally time for some real girl power in the super hero universe on the big screen. Yes, Marvel has Black Widow and now they have the Scarlett Witch, but there’s nothing quite like Wonder Woman to give girls all over the world the feeling that they can be just as powerful as men (in this case all of the super heroes that are out there). With the first look of Suicide Squad on Tuesday night, fans were also given an exclusive first look at Wonder Woman which is set to release on June 23, 2017.

The film plans on exploring Wonder Woman’s origin story and how the Amazonian princess left her home to help the world of Man. Starring Gal Gadot as the titular character, she is joined by Robin Wright and Chris Pine. Since her creation, Wonder Woman has never had a full length film of her own. She has been brought to life on the screen, but as a side character in Superman films in the past. She has also been seen in many animated films over the years, but this will be the very first time for Wonder Woman to truly shine.

Are you ready to see Wonder Woman? See her first in the upcoming film Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice.

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment