That is the question that everyone is asking as they prepare for the season premiere of Heroes: Reborn. A sequel to a show that was loved through the first season and then it’s fan base began to leave the show behind. With four seasons in the original show Heroes, it’s not shocking that there is speculation on this new miniseries, with how horrible the final season did.

It all began in 2006, when the first episode of Heroes aired on NBC on September 25th. The show had a successful first season, but began to lose it’s fans soon into the second season. Yet, like any show, there were still those loyal fans out there always waiting for a new episode and who stuck with the show until the very end. With Heroes: Reborn airing tomorrow, the long wait for the loyal fans of Heroes is just about over. But the question is still hanging over all of our heads: Will it hold up to the first season of the original show?

Heroes left off with Claire revealing the existence of those with special abilities to a group of reporters and photographers. The 13 episode mini-series of Heroes: Reborn follows that story arc in a way we already suspected: the individuals with special abilities are feared by those without any abilities. That fear stems from a terrorist attack in Odessa, TX, which destroyed the city a year before Heroes: Reborn began,  and the government has blamed none other than those with extraordinary abilities (well who would have thought?).

As a fan of the original show (who fell out of love with the show at the beginning of season 3), my hopes are high (but I’m still expecting to be disappointed) that the show will bring back the flair and entertainment of the first season. But sadly, from reviews of the shows pilot, it’s not gotten any better.
Our hopes are still high for Heroes: Reborn, what about yours? Are you already prepared to be disappointed? Or do you have  hopes that one of your favorite shows is back?