It’s the time of year we would normally be expecting to see the new season of Game of Thrones grace us with it’s presence on HBO, but sadly, we have to wait until July to get our first taste of season seven. And instead of an episode, we got a teaser trailer to give us a taste of the upcoming season. The trailer doesn’t show us much sadly, but it gives us a clear idea of who to pay attention to this season. There aren’t just the three players we recognize immediately, but a fourth coming down from North of the Wall and it seems he’s finally going to play a big part in the series.

From the first teaser to this newest one that HBO has released, it looks like the seventh season of Game of Thrones is going to be a hard one to watch. Promising battles and political intrigue, Daenerys is finally arriving in Westeros, since let’s be real we never actually saw her get there in season six, and Jon has been declared King of the North. In the south, Cersei has officially been named Queen and above the wall is a King everyone should fear. But who will come together to fight the real fight?

And for one moment can we discuss Dany’s costume? It’s eerily similar to Cersei’s and definitely takes from the styles of Westeros, which is a new look for her. We’ve seen her look and her character change and grow over the years but what do you think about this subtle change? Are they trying to make a comparison between the two? Or offset the two woman that will ultimately face off this season? Only time will tell.

We can speculate on the leaks that we’ve read on Reddit and other places, but why ruin the excitement with leaks that could be lies? Instead, let’s bask in the little bit we get to finally see. Think, April begins this weekend and that means less time to wait for Game of Thrones which begins on July 16.

Check out the trailer below and count down with us as we impatiently wait for July.

Photo Credit: HBO Entertainment