With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it’s no shock that fans are already creating videos from the footage and posting them to YouTube. One such video is making the rounds as being a favorite of fans. Created by Christopher Sherwood, the video is titled Path of a Lightsaber and reveals this fans knowledge of the series and the Star Wars universe. With music from Lucas King based on themes by John Williams, the video immediately captures our hearts as it ties the 7 films together in a way that only a loving fan could.

Opening with the end scene from The Force Awakens the video follows the path of Luke’s lightsaber, which was once his father Anakin’s lightsaber. In a way, it’s linking one of the many theories of Rey’s parentage in the video to the Skywalker family. The video is beautifully pieced together, showing the travel of the lightsaber that has become so famous amongst the Star Wars community of fans.

You won’t want to miss the video below!

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