There is just over a month left for Game of Thrones fans to wait for season 6 of one of the most popular shows on HBO to begin once again. Returning on April 24, the newest trailer for the film promises violence, a lot of violence, but it also promises some of the biggest surprises and excitement for fans since the show began (although how can you top some of the surprises in past season?). Season 5 ended with a shocking death (yes even though just about everyone knows who died we are not putting spoilers into our post for those few who are trying to catch up by binge watching past seasons), one that left Game of Thrones fans in a little bit of shock. This season picks up right where the last left off it seems and we can only hope it begins with the same momentum that last season ended.

In the new trailer, fans are given a glimpse of Bran, who was not in last season since his story arc was caught up in season 4. He’s seen with a white walker, one that we can only guess is the king of the spooky, blue eyed creatures North of the wall. Of course, we see Cersei Lannister calling out for the one thing she excels at: violence. But one moment in the trailer, and if you aren’t watching closely you’ll miss it, is when we see three knights fighting in armor. If you look closely, one of those knights is wearing the crest of the Targaryen house. From what we’ve heard of this season, we will be seeing some flashback segments and could this be the story of how Lyanna Stark was rescued? We can only hope.

Many are speculating a lot about this season, especially about Jon Snow, but we can only wait and see what is going to happen, since none of us can read and know what is coming (this is going to give all of us gray hairs by the end of it).

Are you ready for the next season of Game of Thrones? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

Photo Credit: HBO