Harry Potter fans may be seeing a lot more Harry Potter on television and in theme parks very soon. NBCUniversal announced on Monday that they had acquired the rights to all of the films in J.K. Rowlings Wizarding World franchise. This includes not just the first eight films, but also the upcoming film Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.  But what will this mean and what will we see in the future from NBCUniversal?

By acquiring the rights, they not only could possibly create some type Harry Potter-themed events at Universal theme parks around the county, but they will also have the ability to release versions of the films on television that have not been released before. How amazing would it be for all these things, especially with the recent opening of the new Harry Potter-themed land at Universal Studios Hollywood? This also means that there will no longer be Harry Potter marathons available on Freeform, at least after 2018.


That’s how long we have to wait for all of this to go into effect. The contract with Freeform won’t be finished until 2018, which means NBCUniversal has plenty of time to plan and decide what they want to do once their contract is live and active. Are you excited about these changes?

Keep an eye on NBCUniversal, because there could be some awesome things on the way for Harry Potter fans to enjoy!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros Pictures