With the release of Pete’s Dragon, we couldn’t help but wonder, what song Disney would have at the end of the film. Would it be “Pete’s Song” which was featured in the original film? Well, it seems it won’t be that classic tune from the original film that’s returning to sing to us as we leave the theater, rather a song by Lindsey Sterling. The song called “Something Wild”, stirs the imaginations and hopefully will be the perfect ending to the remake of the classic Disney film.

Sterling, known for her violin skills, will be joined by Andrew McMahon on vocals and piano. In the music video, the pair are the older versions of two children, who had an adventurous afternoon finding dragons and sailing the seas at a local park. It’s quite cute and incorporates Elliott, the big, green dragon, into their adventures.

See the music video below and get ready to take flight in theaters this Friday when you see Pete’s Dragon.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Sterling/YouTube & Walt Disney Studios