Star Wars has become a part of the culture and is loved by fans both young and old. So why not take that passion for a film, and use it in a way to encourage youth to do something exciting? That’s exactly what the Arts & Learning Children’s Conservatory in Anaheim, CA decided to do, when they joined together to create Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back The Musical. With junior high aged students auditioning for the roles of their favorite Star Wars characters, it’s something to get excited about and a healthy place for them to learn if they enjoy to act or not.

Jedi Junior High was the result of this amazing opportunity for a group of kids aspiring to be actors one day. The film is directed by Heidi Burkey, who wanted to share the joy and excitement of a child getting to experience something for the very first time. Many of the young actors seen in the documentary are just starting out in their acting careers, to see if they enjoy it or not. It’s clear by the end of the film, who enjoys being on stage and learning their lines the most as the kids perform for a packed house.

The encouraging and empowering story is a great watch for the entire family. It not only encourages parents to support their children, but it shows kids of all ages that they can follow their dreams and do what they want and it’s ok. It’s ok that a boy likes to sing, dance and act on a stage. It’s ok for a girl to want to play a villain like Darth Vader. This documentary is an amazing story of how following your dream or doing something new can be amazing and you don’t have to be embarrassed about it.

The film is set to release on Digital HD and On Demand on November 17, but until then check out the trailer below and encourage kids to follow their dreams, even if they don’t fit the stereotype.