Vampire fans have a lot of reason to get excited, because the movie that made us obsessed with vampires is becoming a TV show, The Lost Boys. The film was released in 1987 and started the craze for sexy vampires and the love for the things that go bump in the night, rather than them being simply monsters. The show is being worked on by Rob Thomas, who plans to be a creator behind the project. So, if your sad that The Vampire Diaries is going away after it’s next season, then you’ll be happy to know there will be a new show you can get your vampire fix with on The CW.


What we don’t know yet though, is how close the show will follow the story of the original content or even what type of story line they are going to use as they make seven seasons of the show. Yes, you read that right, there are seven seasons in the works and planned for the future. So do you want to see a Lost Boys remake as a Television Show? Personally, we are on the fence. As huge fans of the original, it’s hard to think that they could ever live up to the original film that captured our hearts and filled our childhood.

Are you excited about the show?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros Studios