Well the rumor mill has one less rumor to chew on as it’s announced that Robert Downey Jr. will officially be joining the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Reprising his role as Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man), it’s being said that the relationship between Tony and Peter Parker will be extremely important to the development of the Spider-Man character in the MCU.

This news comes following rumors of who else would be in Spider-Man: Homecoming after Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios confirmed that other Marvel movie characters would in fact appear in the Spider-Man film. Downey Jr. made a separate deal, negotiating with Marvel and Sony to play Iron Man beyond his current standalone deals to play the Iron Avenger in the upcoming two part Avengers: Infinity Wars.

But what kind of relationship could these two characters have is the question. It’s very clear that Tony is a huge part of introducing Spidey to the MCU in Civil War, but what could this mean for the two in the future. We know what happens in the comics, but will they make tweaks for the films?

Our questions won’t be answered until the film is released. But at this point, we can be assured that this film will be better than the past attempts at bringing Spider-Man’s story to film. Will Tony be giving Spider-Man the Iron Spider uniform, which allows Peter to use more power than he previously thought he had in him? Obviously at this point, it’s all speculation. But finally, we are getting a Spider-Man movie that might be worth watching. Maybe next Marvel will negotiate with 20th Century Fox to bring the mutants and X-Men back into the Marvel fold? That might be wishful thinking, but Spider-Man is finally back in the MCU fold, why couldn’t they?

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Photo Credit: Sony/Marvel Studios