If you saw last weeks’ episode of Game of Thrones, then you saw the tragic ending that happened and the reason why Hodor was called Hodor. Tragic as this latest episode was, considering how much the makers of Game of Thrones love to rip our hearts out, it’s not shocking that yet another main character has been taken from us. But the back story to the entire scene and episode raises questions that we definitely don’t have the answers to yet. With the mix of time travel added into the mix, who is the Three Eyed Raven really? And how did Bran’s connection link back to that time where Hodor was a young boy? These questions don’t really have any answers, only guessed answers that we might have the answers to.

Those guesses to what it all means will hopefully have answers given in the near future. Our guesses are far and wide in what everything that we’ve learned in this last episode could possibly mean. Are there multiple dimensions? Is time not a straight line but a vast ocean all jumbled together and that is why Bran is able to connect and see what has already happened? Or is the Three Eyed Raven actually Bran? All these questions have very complicated answers to them, but it brings the possibility of many things to come in the future for Bran.


But out of everything that has happened it’s the reply from the producers after the episode that has us all laughing. D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, the creators of Game of Thrones, went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to apologize for all the stupid people out there who will now be shouting Hodor to you as you are going through the door. The skit that they show as an example is absolutely hilarious and it’s true that many are taking to yelling “Hodor” as they come up to a door or elevator and they want the door to be held for them. There have even been pieces of paper stuck to the elevator “Door Hold” buttons across the country.

But they aren’t the only ones processing the Hodor phenomenon that has occurred this week. There’s also this hilarious video from ComicBook.com that we just have to acknowledge today. Get a good laugh below.

What are your thoughts about the Hodor aftermath? Are you ready to see what this all means in the next episode of Game of Thrones? We sure are.

Photo Credit: HBO Entertainment