The newest Suicide Squad trailer is full of action and gives fans new shots from the film. With action and comedy, this film is promising to be an exciting and great summer blockbuster. With reports of reshooting occurring, it’s no shock that we’re seeing new footage as they try to “add comedy” to the film. In this new trailer released during the MTV Movie Awards, we see more of the reason behind why the government is forming the squad, mainly as a deterrent and as a way to fight against individuals who claim to be the “heroes”.

It’s clear that in this film, we’ll see a little bit of Batman as our favorite villains fight for the government. But what we love about this trailer, is seeing more of each character’s personality. From Will Smith’s Deadshot to Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. We can definitely see from this trailer that there’s going to be bumping heads and lots of humor and jokes cracked between the team. It just seems like the film will be here soon, but sadly it’s months away. Could it come sooner, rather than later please?

Are you excited about this newest trailer? Share your thoughts with us and watch the trailer below.

Photo Credit: Warner Brothers