If your looking for some thrills, The Forest might be perfect movie for you. Starring Natalie Dormer and directed by Jason Zada, the film has few thrills, but the story and the psychological trauma that Sara (Dormer) goes through in the Aokigahara forest in Japan will have you reeling by the end of the film.

With high hopes that The Forest was going to kick off the horror genre for the new year, don’t have extremely high hopes for the film, but it’s worth seeing and a fun watch. For horror fans, definitely do some research on the actual forest in Japan before you watch the film. There are multiple documentaries online, such as the thirty-minute documentary below, about the suicide watch rangers who travel out into the forest daily and either find bodies of those who have committed suicide. That’s what the Aokigahara forest is, it’s a place sad people go to commit suicide, and yes, it’s a very real place in Japan. The video below is one such documentary from Vice on YouTube.

In the film however, Sara has traveled to Japan to find her twin sister Jess, whom has reportedly gone out into the forest to commit suicide. On her journey to find Jess, Sara is faced by many who tell them that the forest is not a good place, especially after it becomes dark. Instead of listening to their warnings, Sara finds her way out into the forest, where events begin to beome extremely supernatural.

If you enjoy horror films, see this film. You won’t want to miss out on seeing it. The film has some thrills and will hopefully keep the true horror fan entertained. Meanwhile, check out the trailer below.

Photo Credit: AI Film