Based off the critically acclaimed young adult novel written by Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave is the next book to film adaptation of young adult novels and the first for the new year. A popular theme in recent years, especially after the powerhouse that was Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga, it would be no shock if The 5th Wave does amazing over it’s opening weekend. The film, directed by J Blakeson with young star Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson and Alex Roe as the main characters.

To say that The 5th Wave is yet another young adult dystopian film wouldn’t be lying, but instead of the viewers entering the world after the destruction of the world we currently know, we are entering it at the time of destruction, which sets The 5th Wave apart from films like the Divergent Series and Maze Runner. Following the story of Cassie Sullivan, a high school aged girl who wants nothing more than to succeed on her soccer team, we watched as her family fights to survive the waves brought on by an alien species that is being called: The Others (yes we know, very original). When sudden disaster strikes yet again and Cassie is separated from her younger brother Sam, she must fight her way to save him before the final “5th Wave”.

A science fiction film through and through, The 5th Wave explores many different sci-fi themes that we’ve seen in films before. From family in a new world to romance, the film has something that fans of multiple different young adult novels will enjoy. Surprisingly, the one who shines in the film isn’t the main character at all, but a smaller character named Ringer, played by Maika Monroe. The smart mouthed character brings a sense of humor to the film that is much appreciated during all of the tense drama of the end of the world.

A fun movie, if you step out of reality, fans of the novels are sure to be pleased by the newest young-adult adaptation film.

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures