The hit show Outlander is heading back to Starz for it’s second season on April 9 and we couldn’t be more excited! Starz has been building up the suspense of this new season since the first season ended last year, with Jamie and Claire sailing to France. So it’s no shock that this season will be even more dangerous, as our two lovers try to navigate the politics and social life in France. For this season, there are huge changes, not just the setting, but also the costumes and it seems Claire is traveling back to the future again. What could that mean for Jamie and Claire’s relationship and the rebellion that they are trying to stop from ever happening?

In this detailed and fun new behind the scenes look, fans get the chance to see some of the elaborate sets that have been created for our couple’s time in France, along with the intricate dresses and clothing. Some of which are hand painted fabric to look the part. It’s clear that the makers of the show wanted us to be transported back to 18th century Paris, the fashion forward center of the world at the time. See the behind the scenes look below:

Outlander is headed to a new world this season.

Posted by Outlander on Monday, March 21, 2016

Not only does the behind the scenes look make us excited, but the trailer just gives us enough of a peak and a teaser that we want to know what happens, and we want to know now! Not teased in the trailer, is the new cast members, such as Jamie and Claire’s daughter, who will show up later in the season. We can’t wait to see the story unfold and how they will change history by stopping a war.

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Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television/Starz