The Storino family! They won it again!
For the past 6 years the Storino family gets the “most adorable award”, if there were such an award. Each year they add a touch of cuteness as they recreate scenes from that year’s Academy Award nominee’s for best picture. Once again, the family poses for adorable pictures this year and they do not disappoint. With the Academy Award’s just days away, Maggie Storino and her children bring us a whole lot of awes from their Tumblr page Don’t call me Oscar.

Every year Maggie Storino and her daughter Sophia, 5, and Sadie, 3, strike a pose when the Oscar nominations roll in. This year they have a new addition to the family Sloane who is eight months old and seems to enjoy the pictures as much as her siblings.

Enjoy these cute and fun recreation by the Storino family.

The Martian 


Courtesy of Maggie Storino

blog 01 .1

Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox








blog 02 .1

Courtesy of Maggie Storino

blog 02..2

Courtesy of Open Road Films





Courtesy of Maggie Storino

blog 3.2

Courtesy of A24.





When speaking to Vanity Fair, Storino says playing dress up with three little girls isn’t much different than her usual routine. “The girls love dressing up, so it isn’t a struggle.”  She also mentions that there are no re-shoots and they are done shooting before lunch.


The Big Short


Courtesy of Maggie Storino


Courtesy of Paramount Pictures



Mad Max


Courtesy of Maggie Storino


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.









Courtesy of Maggie Storino


Courtesy of Fox Searchlight







Storino also mentions to Vanity Fair that Brooklyn was their favorite shoot. 3 year old Sadie thought the purse was too heavy to carry on her arm and also struggled to hold the sunglasses like Saoirse Ronan.

Bridge of Spies 

blog 7

Courtesy of Maggie Storino

blog 7.2

Courtesy of Dreamworks Pictures







The Revenant


Courtesy of Maggie Storino


Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox