The days are counting down for Game of Thrones to return to Sunday night television. With the most recent promo being released for the show, the anticipation is building and building, the pressure is going to cause the internet to break on Sunday with everyone talking about Game of Thrones and their excitement. HBO has been pushing that this season is going to be amazing, well, with all that build up, we can only hope that the show actually follows through and is good. The newest promo, titled Event Promo, has got us thinking about what is to come in the upcoming season. Many are saying that if you watch the trailer closely you can see the hints and clues that they are offering fans, but the majority of us want to wait until the show actually airs so we don’t get anything ruined by over dissecting the trailer.

With Tyrion narrating the trailer, it’s clear that he’s once again going to have a big part in this season and in the Khaleesi’s court. But what is truly going to happen this season? With them clearly pushing the “John Snow is Dead” card, but with war on all fronts of the world of Westeros, what is going to happen to our favorite characters this season? Will Sansa grow and become the woman we want her to be? Will Bran harness his powers?

We can only wait a few days more for answers. But check out the new trailer below.

Photo Credit: HBO Entertainment