If you’ve been wondering where the sequel to Zombieland was coming, since it was talked about in 2014 that the screenplay was being rushed. But we haven’t heard anything about Zombieland 2 since and let’s be honest, a sequel at this point, 6 years later, doesn’t seem all that interesting as it did back in 2010. Zombieland as a stand alone film was quite entertaining and why would you want to go and mess it up with a sequel that might possibly not be nearly as good as the original?

But according to The Playlist, Zombieland could be getting a sequel after all. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the ones who wrote the Deadpool script, told The Q&A podcast have said that the sequel is still in development, despite the failed Amazon series pilot. It seems no one involved actually wants to even make a sequel, unless it’s going to be good (thank goodness), but with Reese and Wernick busy bringing us the script for the Deadpool sequel it’s unlikely they will be able to pen a Zombieland sequel script at the same time.

Do you think there should be a Zombieland sequel at this point? We definitely don’t think so. It’s past the time where the sequel would have been still relevant and amazing. With so many zombie movies and shows out there, it almost feels dull for another Zombieland to come out in theaters. With Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apoclypse, which was just released last year, and the seemingly unending, The Walking Dead, and the development of a World War Z 2 coming out in the future. Is there really a need for a Zombieland 2? We’ll leave that one up to fans. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Colombia Pictures